Thinking Out Loud

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud! This is the place to discuss the issues. I look forward to sharing my thoughts here… about what’s happening around the globe – human struggles, politics, international humanitarian law, policy issues… and some random and casual thoughts… we might even talk music and sports. I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions in the comment section below each post. I look forward to reading your comments and replying to (some of) them. I hope you will come back each week and let’s keep the conversation going!
With gratitude… Lara

Wrongfully Detained

Wrongfully Detained

2 August 2022 ~ It might be surprising to learn…

Not a Target

Not a Target

12 July 2022 ~ I am very familiar with the…

Music Is Life

Music is Life

14 June 2022 ~ Music is a constant. It is…

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud

Welcome to ‘Thinking Out Loud’

3 May 2022 ~ Greetings… I’m Lara Kajs. I’m the…