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Welcome to Thinking Out Loud! This is the place to discuss the issues. I look forward to sharing my thoughts here… about what’s happening around the globe – human struggles, politics, international humanitarian law, policy issues… and some random and casual thoughts… we might even talk music and sports. I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions in the comment section below each post. I look forward to reading your comments and replying to (some of) them. I hope you will come back each week and let’s keep the conversation going!
With gratitude… Lara

A Ceasefire in Gaza

A Ceasefire in Gaza

~ 23 February 2024 ~The United States has vetoed another UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in…

Map of the Middle East showing the threat of regional conflict

Threat of Regional Conflict

~ 29 January 2024 ~Yemen has been locked in a brutal conflict since 2014. Divided by the powers of the…

Damage in Gaza Strip October 2023, airstrike on an apartment building

You Cannot Bomb Your Way to Peace

~ 18 January 2024 ~ Peace is a call to action. It’s intentional. You cannot bomb your way to peace.…

Giving Tuesday – Give to Make a Difference

Giving Tuesday – Give to Make a Difference

~ 28 November 2023 ~Giving Tuesday is not just a date on the calendar… it is an opportunity to give…

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza - aid trucks lined as far as the eye can see on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing border.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

~ 31 October 2023 ~In twenty-four days of war between Israel and Hamas, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is dire.…

Yemen No War and No Peace

Yemen: No War, and No Peace

~ 21 September 2023 ~Yemen is in a state of no war, and no peace. Although that is certainly better…