Lara Kajs is a respected and compelling speaker. Drawing on her experience as an Atrocity Crimes field investigator and organizational leader, her visionary perspective lends to her sharp, knowledgeable, and insightful presentations, and encourages audiences to dig deeper. Kajs’ prolific work taps into some of the most important conversations happening today.

With every uniquely tailored keynote, Kajs leads the audience through a powerful presentation about how we see the world, and what that means for our own personal growth, international relations, foreign policies, and the future of humanity.

Kajs shares invaluable insights into human nature from her years of working with those risking their lives in conflicts around the globe. She offers lessons on how to apply these findings to daily life, vastly enriching our relationships and unlocking the power to communicate, collaborate, and work together to rise higher.

Lara Kajs has served as the Founder and Executive Director of The Genocide Report for more than a decade. A tireless advocate, Kajs works to draw attention to the plight of some of the world’s most vulnerable: forcibly displaced populations, victims of atrocities, and civilians targeted in conflict around the world. From serving in Lebanon as millions of Syrians fled conflict and crossed borders, to investigating evidence of crimes against humanity in Syria, to war crimes investigations in Yemen during the heaviest of coalition airstrikes, to advocating for the rights of the Rohingya in Myanmar, through the evacuation of Afghanistan and investigating the Taliban, and examining war crimes in Ukraine and Gaza; Kajs has dedicated years of service to significantly improve conditions across global communities.

The author of “Stories from Yemen: A Diary from the Field, and her forthcoming “Syria’s Disappeared: Torture and Mass Execution in Bashar al-Assad’s Prisons”, Kajs is uniquely positioned to offer in-depth analysis and insights and shares an affirming principle that upholding international humanitarian and human rights law are required if we are to realize global peace and security. She maintains, “You cannot bomb your way to peace and security. Peace is a constant process. It takes collaboration… it takes cooperation, and it takes conversation.”

Reviews about Lara Kajs as a Speaker

“I thought this was going to be something else, but I’m so glad I did not miss this! Lara Kajs is very gifted at transporting you to the source. I learned more about conflict and displacement in one hour than I’ve learned from any other source. And I walked away thinking that I wanted to do more to help.” Jessie, Tulane University.

“It was outstanding! Lara Kajs spoke for an hour, and it was beautiful, thoughtful, compelling, and at times sad and funny. She had command of the audience from the moment she hit the stage.” Doug, Utah State University.

“She shared the struggles of the people trapped in conflict, and their triumphs in a way that left you hanging on her words and cheering for their success. Her storytelling captivates you. She’s a true beacon of light in the fight for international human rights.” Patricia, University of Wisconsin

Talks and Conversations with Lara Kajs

Dig In for the Long Haul

For three days, Lara Kajs and her team, along with 27 Yemeni men, women, and children, were trapped in a building under fire by coalition forces in Yemen. With the building collapsing around them, they realized the only option was to work together as a team, keep the civilians as calm and comfortable as possible, and “dig in for the long haul”.

Ms. Kajs brings the conflict resolution, communication, and team-building techniques and strategies she learned during a career as an Atrocity Crimes field investigator to audiences worldwide and shares vital insights on human nature and how to apply these discoveries to daily life, habitually elevating our relationships and unlocking the power to communicate, collaborate and in so doing, together achieve common goals.

Never Again

Linked to the Holocaust, “Never Again” is dedicated to genocide remembrance and awareness. It is significant in that it holds to the determination that “never again” should the world experience the horrific atrocity of genocide, and ethnic cleansing. In this talk, Lara Kajs wrestles with the knowledge that since “Never Again” became the vow of genocide prevention – the world has witnessed genocide after genocide, including Rwanda, Srebrenica, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Cambodia, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Argentina, Chile, Uganda, Tibet, Afghanistan, and Somalia – to name a few. Kajs lays out the road map necessary to be able to keep the promise, and why the hope of world peace and security is steeped in tolerance, acceptance, and compassion.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Lara Kajs draws on her extraordinary path to deliver an inspiring and passionate message about what it means to be an advocate. In one part, she speaks in depth about displaced populations around the world and the task of raising awareness of human rights violations globally. In the second part, she stresses that you don’t have to travel halfway around the world or risk your life in conflict to make a difference in the world. Being a voice is not limited to the vulnerable in conflict but includes standing in solidarity and speaking up right where you are with anyone struggling to make their voice heard. Whether that is standing with someone being bullied, someone going through a tough time, or even refugees new to your area. Advocacy is about creating positive change in the world – even in your own neighborhood.

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